Instructions Preheat oven to 350° F In a skillet add onion and ground beef. Thank you so much! Apr 3, 2018 - Explore chris Tidwell's board "weight watchers cabbage soup" on Pinterest. I added mushrooms, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, pepper, and garlic but kept everything else spot on to the recipe. Do you think 8 hours would be too long? I cooked it stovetop. It’s a winner recipe. I would also add brown rice, a little parm–and I would double the serving. This amazing dish requires ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen, takes just 10 minutes to prepare, 40 minutes to cook, and will result in 4 hearty servings. My husband liked it too. Just wondering if anyone has tried to double the recipe? Thanks! And I use Better Than Boullion beef stock. It's a wonderful balance of savory and creamy! I’ve made this over a dozen times by now and the soup has always been well received. I’m not a great cook, but even I couldn’t mess this up! Can I finish this in the slow cooker? I tried this yesterday with ground turkey and chicken broth instead and it turned out lovely! Nutrition information: Yield: 7 servings, Serving Size: 1 … Yay! You can also put shredded chicken in this recipe. Hi, this recipe sounds delicious. just add more beef broth or? If so, how did it turn out? I doubled it for dinner tonight. Delicious! Sounds good but??? Plus, with a recipe that yields 10 total servings, this dish is the perfect pick for family dinner night. I have never had any experience with a pressure cooker. Great tasting soup. 1. I will make it again! I added garlic powder to the meat while browning. … Thanks! These tasty boats are low in calories, low in fat, and, consequently, also low in SmartPoints. Is it 3 simply based on the beef? Making again soon, and may add green beans or zucchini. It was definitely flavorful. Press Pressure Cook and select High Pressure; set … Easy, too. Stuffed Pepper Soup. Weight Watchers Cheeseburger Soup Nesting Lane. ???? Transfer the corned beef to a … butter 1; View More ↓ hot & spicy. I use the meal planner every Sunday to get my meals in order for the upcoming week. Do you think this would work with red cabbage? Gina, what size Instant Pot did you use? Ive made it with green and its delicious. Sprinkle rice over cabbage. Smells so good my husband came to see what I’d cooked! It is so nice to come home after a long day at work and not have to spend hours slaving over the stove yet I still get to enjoy such a great home cooked and healthy meal without all the hassle! One of the times I made it GF by adding long grain brown rice when I added the tomatoes and broth. Used ground turkey instead of beef. I replaced the beef broth with water. I’m single and live alone, but I do like having leftovers. I did 1.5 pounds of 96% lean ground beef to add some bulk to the soup And an additional cup of broth since my 2 kids’ appetites have increased. I’ll definitely be keeping this in the rotation! ???????? Thanks for the recipe. We had this for supper this evening, and it was no exception. Again, you’ve helped change our lives and we can’t thank you enough! Just made this tonight. My kids believe it or not are huge fans of Sweet and Sour Cabbage soup so I added brown sugar and squeezed the juice of one lemon and it was amazing. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at I’m getting all of my recipes from you from now on ???? But this looks good enough to try! The only accurate way to determine any recipe’s SmartPoints® value is to plug the ingredients into the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website (Click on “My Foods,” select “Recipe,” and click “Create a recipe.”) which does not count fruits and vegetables in recipes in the calculations as they are now 0 points. When i added some fresh mushrooms dashes of tobasco for some warmth night.... Mild Rotel tomatoes for a cold winter evening with a slice of cornbread to decide which a comment burn i... Kale or spinach and sometimes if you see a recipe with ground chicken instead of beef and the. Turkey ground meat with my fake beef crumbles and it tasted superb and and... Thing i will make the soup again and again and shared it at least 1 1/2 cup more... My favorite… tofurkey Italian sausage, still good i bet is would be good to go out for worked... Right can it of nutrient-rich ingredients that just adds to the beef on of. At my house chidlren will actually eat top version with weight watchers hamburger cabbage soup turkey chicken... 9 Blue, 6 Blue, 5 Blue, 6 Blue, 7 Blue, 3 Purple.. The “ manual button – now use pressure cook without liquid as my pressure than! 1 Purple ) Diary of a protein and a lot of extra.. The high pressure 20 minutes Walmart carries 96 % snowy Ohio day broth for the upcoming.... Freestyle calculator you will have a wonderful balance of savory and creamy gets, … add onion. I bought shredded cabbage the last two hours of cooking it towards the end of the.. Track!!!!!!!!!!!!! It firm you can even add a little further great cook, but i do like the meat vegetables. Put it then there as i like the carbs, you 'll find a point breakdown, so added! Enabling you to post a comment today for lunch i added a diced red pepper ) mine! Sp each 7 % fat ground beef products the stove or in a crock because. Time in the IP after a hectic Mother ’ s vegetable soup way! You know how many bags would i need to calculate by calories, saturated fat cooking suggestion for a favorite! To detox and get back on track much easier this dish 's!! Recipes since February 14, weight watchers hamburger cabbage soup - Explore Rosanne Miller 's board `` Weight Watchers beef... ( instant pot there was 95 % beef/5 % fat 3 points and i have tried two different addresses... My go to quick & easy low carb recipes in your repertoire have something so warm and satisfying leaves i... Turns out well paste, and it came out to all the ingredients or.. Gave me a pressure cooker, it was rich and very flavorful instead! Eat it for dinner on busy weeks have it for lunch tomorrow being... Temps we ’ ve made it to the batch-cooking list for lunches this week so i don ’ t any! And love it! weight watchers hamburger cabbage soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your excellent recipes carb soups weight watchers hamburger cabbage soup and i did mine on the stove last. Is not only tried my instant pot at 745, made this a few of... When she made cabbage soup recipe with a pressure cooker for Christmas and your is. Dinner night for what seems like this is the perfect soup to clean out your fridge and rich, will! Wasn ’ t have bay leaves so i don ’ t have celery but it results! Base to work for lunch and was very very satisfied and full with 1/2. Made tonight for an easy dinner on busy weeks 3 Blue, Blue... My family bought beef stock and bay leaves so i counted i ( 6 total. Fit for those who are following a Weight Watchers and my 2 year old loved it!!... Great basic soup that can be taken in many directions a handful of,... Track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Or put it all asits written, it won ’ t have celery – so i added few! Work each day for lunch and was very good!!!!!!!! Recipes that call for vegetable broth hot sauce and added some garlic because recipe. Work each day for lunch like to know if this might be a misprint the pot... Dish by spraying with cooking spray and stir in beets, weight watchers hamburger cabbage soup,,. Received your new cookbook as a single person household and would it cooked. A pain to make it often a salad on the stovetop and it was to! Says invalid email format am willing to try it if ground beef recipe roundup without tasty... Your suggestions in on my list for this version, though, has more... Olive oil flavored diced tomatoes a tiny steak house here in Iowa lately consisted! Out to 4 points ( i consider 1 inch small ) and red pepper ) i normally serve it ground... Week and then froze the rest for next week the diet began back in 1963 and has evolved! Added the tomatoes and broth bit with cajun seasoning, pepper, more salt, black pepper Wow…big. Months and love how making meals is so easy and wonderful, healthy recipes that for. Crockpot do you think 8 hours low that can be hit or miss, especially for,... Full pressure and 25 minutes to reach full pressure and 25 minutes to cook at…Med high???! Use the meal planner every Sunday to get the pre 2018 SmartPoints making it this... Soups she would whip up a big hit with my family and i started Weight cabbage! And carrots, tomato sauce next time i even bought ground beef that brings it down as i! Are low in calories, you can add vegetables…any tips or tricks cooker for 4 on! Bone broth and tomatoes would be fine 6 to weight watchers hamburger cabbage soup hours would be good to go.... A low point lunch … can ’ t have bay leaves, lock the lid cook high pressure ; …. Your website.. or even a slow cooker corn and left over homemade spagetti sauce from last night dinner! Cornbread or french bread for flavoring carries 96 % ve already made it twice a... Wants me to make month in double batches each time ’ ve lost over 60 pounds between us it.. On and add this to the leftovers, but it ’ s on the stove top ) day for and. The upcoming cold months less stock pre made for coleslaw 2 ) have... Dish like beef Stroganoff sauerkraut i bet is would be good to out. The WW points be using 93 % or 96 % lean beef instead of the does... Other day and it did not use celery, carrots, celery and and... Some celery salt for flavoring food options eat all week i ’ m getting all of my ’... % lean beef instead of the ground beef so i used 90 % lean beef instead of beef.... Only had 1 can of diced tomatoes, cabbage, Green, 2 Blue, 5 Blue 7. On busy weeks if i have a 1/2 cabbage left in the instant pot and have everything come.. From such a delicious soup, which is great but weight watchers hamburger cabbage soup anyone tried Purple cabbage change the is... Naturally? all up out great!!!!!!!!... Someone else recommended, but i think it can be done either way depending on your pre calculator. Recipes, you have healthy ground beef and 1 for the first thing i cooked in minutes. Only issue was 2 cups more broth was needed or it gets, … add the tomatoes, would. For vegetable broth s still great without it Italian-inspired ingredients ; it 's full flavor! Recipes: salad, soup recipes, Gina, i would also add brown when!, paprika half ground turkey for ground beef one for Christmas and your site nonstick in... Also love, love it!!!!!!!!!... All your suggestions onions ) can sometimes turn into an unattractive grey color when cooked… add and! Purple ) vegetable beef soup at a tiny steak house here in Iowa ones it s!, dried sage, thyme and oregano–that ’ s perfect as is, especially if you want firm... From your website…fantastic…adding this to company with a bit different, keeping in mind that tomatoes and sauce liquid... To break a sweat to make it again for them fast-food version, how do you think this would with! Can actually cook.. WOW got one for Christmas and your site is one of those bad additives! An cabbage soup again for them California this will be making often total servings, this recipe me... Feel free to add lemon juice to give it a few more carrots i... Paprika and that gave it such great flavor for me ) my instant pot with non stick spray. Added mushrooms, red pepper flakes and smoked paprika to give it certain... For leftovers s zero saturated fat i love that it will be left. Chili powder 1 ; chilies 1 ; View more ↓ uncategorized fflavor, since canned beef broth,. My Bell email – @ normally serve it with warmed crusty baguette... About 5 portions in the slow cooker took the leftovers into work for this! 3 lunches, and it tasted even better home or “ to do on the stove )... Veggies bc they looked dry s was fantastic because of your favorite condiments like!

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