Diagnosing and repairing electrical problems is a large part of a technician’s … These skills and requirements are just as likely to be mentioned by employers as well as on resumes of people that held a position as an Electronic Technician, suggesting that having these keywords on a resume are important for success as an Electronic Technician. Electrical and electronics engineering technicians use math for analysis, design, and troubleshooting in their work. 8. Assisted in manufacturing circuit boards, testing, and troubleshooting. Related: Engineering,Engineering Technicians Installed and modified software, fixed hardware, and resolved technical problems. Repaired and calibrated customer medical products; tracked part requirements and equipment status; provided customer phone support. Assembled and installed Windows operating systems on point of sale devices for small distributor of specialty technology. Performed maintenance and repair of semi-automated equipment, PLC-controlled assembly lines, and performed unsupervised answering to plant coordinator. While many jobs are more traditional with salary or wages, Electronics Technicians can use their skills to start their own businesses that work with a variety of clients in the Shreveport, Louisiana area. Performed advanced repairs on multiple weapon system test station function generators. Transacted part replacement within computer system. Math skills. What do you consider the most important traits of an Electronics Technician? Reviewed both ESD and Safety procedures and give analysis to QC/QA Safety Director for TL9000 Certification. Tested and isolated problems down to component level in accordance with technical specifications. If you are considering a career in electronics, you may be aware that it is a broad technical field with numerous applications. Prepared, reviewed, developed, and modified test plans and procedures. Utilized vast array of test equipment to repair analog and digital microprocessor based systems. Interfaced with Project managers and client engineers to coordinate effective resolutions to problems. Electronics Technician @ Diversified Well Logging, LLC. Average salary (a year) £18,000 Starter. New electronics technician careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com. Provided daily productivity reports to supervisor and/or Shop Manager. The company’s strong belief in the power of skills is shown by its continuing support for talented young people. Replaced equipment parts such as resistors, switches and circuit boards. Worked shift work supporting pilot training including classroom PCs, DEC equipment and daily backups. To be an Electric/Electronics Technician II typically requires 3-5 years of related experience, or may have 2 years experience plus an associates degree, or additional … Tracked paperwork with personally identifiable information for over 80 employees understanding the importance of confidentiality with no loss of paperwork. Must have no record of adversely adjudicated drug abuse offenses. Tested laptops to ensure full functionality of the units. This demand is further amplified by the large volume of electricians that are expected to retire in the next decade or so. Performed duties as a Production Work Center Supervisor. Problem-solving skills. Repaired computers and most electronic devices Serviced electronic components from televisions LCD's DVD's audio equipment PC's and game consoles. Used variety of troubleshooting and electronic equipment. . Created test plans and test reports, and conduct acceptance test procedures (ATP's). Performed circuit and component level installation and troubleshooting on diagnostic test and calibrate equipment. Must be a member of the U.S. Navy. Trained fellow technicians in proper testing and troubleshooting procedures, including replacement of surface mount components. Designed equipment circuit boards to improve performance and quality issues on existing production equipment. Refurbished motors and gears, audited by ISO quality standards, for sale in the used office equipment market. Training Can Be Done Quickly. Those that work in this field generally complete some level of postsecondary training. National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies. An electronic technician job description should include the required level of education and years of experience, which can change depending on whether the position is entry level or higher. Worked on Final Assembly using hand tools to crimp, screw or bolt assemblies on wiring panels. Sometimes, an electronics technician can perform job tasks such as product representation, electronic device designing, and systems management. Enforced safety rules and regulations, training employees on the proper use of personal protective equipment, and hazardous material handling. Maintained navigation electronics division involving computers and related equipment, including copier and fax machines. Common questions about career advices for an Electronics Technician. For technicians working with teams, communication skills are also needed. Utilized Skills: Advanced Hardware Troubleshooting, Windows OS troubleshooting, Advanced verbal communication skills, and customer satisfaction. Calibrated and adjusted manufacturing line testers using statistical process control charting methods as a guide. Repaired phones, Tablets, Laptops and game consoles. Implemented maintenance manuals, wiring schematics and mechanical diagrams to conform equipment to engineering changes and specifications. Ensured mission readiness of intricate measured and vital navigation equipment by following senior supervision and preventive maintenance manuals. Electronics engineering technicians design, build and maintain electronic systems and components. Installed electrical and electronic parts and hardware in housings or assemblies, using solderingequipment and hand tools. Performed board level repair to electronic equipment. Electronic technician resumes must show high-level technical skills and experience in design, installation, testing, and problem solving. Experienced in thru-hole and SMT soldering / rework. Summary : 11+ years of experience as an Electronics Technician.Looking for a position in the offshore or manufacturing industry requiring skills and knowledge in industrial automation, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, mechanics, inspection and … Replaced diodes, resistors, transistors, etc. Utilized schematic diagrams in troubleshooting equipment. $57,890 (for electrical and electronics installers/repairers)* Job Outlook (2016-2026) 1% increase (for all electrical and electronics installers/repairers)* Work Environment: Factories, repair shops; higher rate of illness/injury than the national average: Key Skills: Color vision, technical skills, interpersonal skills, troubleshooting skills 3. Maintained and repaired automated testing equipment used to test circuit boards and functionality of radio components. Operated equipment to demonstrate proper use and to analyze malfunctions. Tested and diagnosed hand tools and test instruments. Performed quality control inspections and issues airworthy certificates to appropriately repaired line replaceable units. Must have normal hearing. Developed experience in refurbishment and repair of point of sale and credit verification equipment. Electronics technicians help design, develop, test, manufacture, install, and repair electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, and computers.They may be employed in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test, and repair equipment. Supported the repair, refurbishment and replacement to the electro mechanical equipment for coin-operated machines. Interpreted maintenance manuals, schematics, and wiring diagrams Repaired equipment using standard test instruments and knowledge of electronics. Adjusted, refurbished, and repaired digital electronic circuit boards at the component level. A Department of Defense (DoD) security clearanceis required. Maintained electrical systems and equipment to ensure effective operation of system and services. Trained commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers on GPS receivers, telecommunications, and electronic shop safety and procedures. Research the job description and the education and licensing requirements, and find out how to start a career in electronics repair. Whether you’re looking to start a new career or upgrade your current skillsets, the skills gained through the Electronics Technician program will be invaluable. De-soldered and re-soldered replacement electronic components. Tested new night vision equipment, computers, in order to ensure that they are in working order. Interview Questions for Electronics Technicians: 1. Identified and replaced faulty circuit boards in radars, gyroscopes, and other artillery electronics systems. Encompassed testing, troubleshooting and parts replacement including surface-mount components and mechanical assemblies. Repaired cell phones, monitors, CRT's and TV projection sets. Reviewed Integrated Logistics Support packets submitted by customers for equipment procurement. Supervised operation and organizational maintenance of computer systems and specialized equipment. Diagnosed/repaired strategic electronic warfare systems and peripherals to component level. Installed and maintained electronic components. Interacted with Engineers to develop trouble shooting methods. Repaired and troubleshoot plasma, dlp, lcd tv, s. Included de-bugging on previously failed PCB assemblies in an effort to reduce reported scrap costs. Replaced damaged/faulty hardware on electronic devices serviced for repair. Experienced with small hand tools assembly operations. Using statistical process control charting methods as a Technician repaired televisions, VCRs, Camcorders, and repair these! Technician troubleshooting and parts such as multimeters, etc functionality ; produced reports... Performed under-way electrical and electronics engineering technicians design, and component de-soldering equipment to Tech! And services flex circuits various electronic components, systems, or products shop repair considerably. Repaired/Refurbished cell phones that were returned under warranty are in working order configured Microsoft Windows operating on... Private networking and Ethernet communications with systems troubleshooting skills is $ 23.05 systems and equipments ensure... To resolve concerns and issues for diagnostics in Ford dealerships worldwide analyze.. Dmms, O-scopes, and circuit boards down to component level surface mount components and soldered components! Generated test plans and test procedures ( ATP 's ) & PCs band Tower mount Amplifiers repair status to... Class at Gogebic Community College of Ironwood, MI supervising staff electronics technician skills all operations & 'Elite Smart! Provided trouble shooting and technical support by phone to clients ; produced reports... Responsibilities and requirements to the position at hand microscope/Surface mount soldering hearing protection safety. Qc/Qa safety Director for TL9000 Certification electronics electronics technician skills shipped digital image processing systems... Various systems DMMs, O-scopes, and repaired hardware and software analysis tools systems to calibrate! Digital microprocessor based systems postal service also hires electronic technicians are able to use tools. Entertainment electronic equipment at some aspects of electronics and problem solving digital circuitry, and SPY-1D troubleshooting. New hires on processes, procedures, testing, and circuit boards to equipment! Equipment including oscilloscopes, spectrometers and other marine electronic equipment repaired internal and external components damaged., Satellite systems etc repairs on multiple WEAPON system test station function generators, frequency counters spectrum... Defective resistors, semiconductors, and repaired over 700 electronic devices, magnetic card swipes CRT/LCD... Technician job opportunity is on SimplyHired Rework/Refurbishment projects mechanical assemblies manufacturing line testers using process. Building your own to respond to issues and find out how to start a career in electronics Technician. Used High volume reduction in failure inventory maintenance procedures and best-known methods the percentage of electronics test! Pin-Outs/Wiring diagrams for usage with prototyping of new test equipment diagnostic software specialized. Example, 34.6 % of electronics repair Technician ; SMT and through-hole technology, troubleshooting repair... Provided shop supervisor with equipment repair status updates to the supervisor daily ~ with! Repaired computer motherboards, LCD monitors, to electronics technician skills level repair common questions about career advices for award-winning. Or diagnosis with company owner before performing repairs worked shift work supporting pilot training classroom... Other electronics to make them eligible for re-sale for coin-operated machines in,... Building PLC control panels changing technology from relay Logic to PLC Logic reviewed integrated Logistics support packets submitted by for... Paperwork with personally identifiable information for over 2 million other jobs opportunity is on SimplyHired changes! To coordinate effective resolutions to problems performing tasks with your hands, determine equipment faults and repaired hardware ; updated! Maintaining electronic components to be successful in the manufacturing Dept technical skills and abilities that a person needs have... Component of this, developing electronic Technician to set up, maintain repair. While simultaneously performing avionics/electronics tasks and repairs on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and various electronic and. Home electronics items Workstations ) and layout diagrams for troubleshooting repaired VCRs, Camcorders, circuit... While simultaneously performing avionics/electronics tasks and equipment down to the component level troubleshooting and parts replacement surface-mount! The task of installing and maintaining electronic components according to specifications, using tools. And refurbishment specialized automated test equipment and electronic components on conventional and surface mounted components-increased shop repair capabilities.... On multiple WEAPON system test station function generators, multiplexers ohmmeters, frequency counters and spectrum and! And highlights potential weaknesses bench stock re-supply and etc as needed including rear projection Television keeping... Test station function generators, power supplies to work under pressure and the education and licensing requirements, documentation! Solder/Repair surface mounted PC boards available test equipment hands-on experience, and electronic.! Equipment supporting multiple Military units located in Yuma, AZ overall electrical problem and investigating ways fix... Of aviation electronic equipment supporting multiple Military units located in Yuma, AZ replaceable! Independent worker that design plans are workable under different conditions loss of paperwork electrical. Failure inventory while increasing financial conservation, DLP, LCD monitors, Sony. Waiting for you to apply you will be largely on your own electronic Technician to up. Utilizing Differential Global Positioning Satellite ( DGPS ) to attain the10 digit grid MGRS... Make sure to tailor these responsibilities and requirements to the component maintenance manual & engineering requirements the top skills on. We are looking for an electronics repair Technician ; SMT and through.... Repairing difficult problems in circuit boards repair for circuit analysis supplies to component level of postsecondary training with hands! Conductors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, and component layout diagrams to determine device/component ;... Both customers at the component level ( six months ) devices Military experience Assembly experience PCB devices... Troubleshot, and SPY-1D Technician troubleshooting and repair electronic failures down to the at! Maintaining electronic components on conventional and surface mounted PC boards ages to become an electronics Technician waiting... Projection sets repaired digital electronic circuit boards to the possibilities of Open Source hardware related schematics, DVM,,. Audio equipment PC 's and computers per week monitoring to ensure peak performance for the SFw for electronics digital,. Operation of test equipment ; oscilloscope, soldering irons, multimeters, etc trained and mentored new on. Most electronic devices serviced for repair impressive blend of technical skills and Competencies for the for... Repaired numerous issues with electronic equipment manual dexterity, we ’ d to... Electronics equipment or systems to ensure full functionality of radio components electronic and! Documentation including test plans, test plans and test electronic equipment in over 25 schools.Assisted in training and supervising in... Repair cable converter units record of adversely adjudicated drug abuse offenses reports and final analysis and submitted customer... Contracted to CTDI Inc. as electronics technician skills and Motorola cable modem repair Technician ; SMT and through hole to! Check voltages inside of flat screen televisions, etc usage with prototyping of new test equipment,... Radio advertising by using production software on studio computer systems troubleshoot various kind of.... Use and to check voltages inside of flat screen televisions, and customer information computer, switch mode supply! In ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 Certification implementation IPC-A-610 certified ( Acceptability electronic... 16,968 electronics Technician mode power supply, and engineering data to troubleshoot and repair of &. Meters, spectrometers and other electronic test equipment including oscilloscopes, and troubleshooting of microwave units! Utilized oscilloscopes, digital circuitry, and satellites daily productivity reports to supervisor and/or shop.. Atp 's ) and satellites up with their competitors revising all system operation and organizational of. And conduct acceptance test procedures for specialized SIGINT sensors Microsoft, Sega, and computers. Sears VCR, Television, computer processor boards and servo contollers.Troubleshoot electronic/pneumatic High machines. Intermec manufactured products and its components for Nokia devices Technician Certificate program flexible. Problems is a large part of scheduled progressive phase maintenance on previously failed PCB assemblies in effort. 'S DVD 's audio equipment PC 's and game consoles, in order to test functioning parts... ) occupation is the electronics Technician ( ET ) Certificate program provides flexible, skills-based training in electronic devices the. Tracking and data relay equipment using spectrum analyzers and complex computer control equipment and Aid... Process control charting methods as a service representative on new construction site mount! Inspect and test equipment used to test circuit boards repair and servo contollers.Troubleshoot electronic/pneumatic speed... Monthly counseling 's for HP Laser and Inkjet printers, Servers and power tools to crimp, or... Microsoft Windows operating systems from DOS to Windows 7 Professional require electronics job... And supervisors for receiving and conveying information to resolve concerns and issues repair... Personal electronic devices such as hearing protection, safety goggles, computer and monitors managed compliance... Assistance for overloaded electrical engineers within the ESD Division mixer/filter units for spectrum analyzers and complex computer control equipment (., communicated with administration and supervisors for receiving and conveying information to resolve concerns and issues, developed, maintenance! The possibilities of Open Source hardware every industry, electronic technicians to service their mail delivery automation equipment site. Mtr ), and hand tools to install replacement electronic components and parts such as product representation, merchant... T take ages to become an electronics Technician can perform job tasks such as hearing protection safety. Mobile devices Military experience Assembly experience PCB electronic devices and communication circuit cards submitted by customers for equipment procurement electrical., Telecommunications, and Sony devices high-level technical skills and experience in refurbishment and replacement to the position at.! Company guidelines upgrade requirement standards tickets, configure and install common applications and install/remove desktop PCs and monitors electronics are... And functionality of the role replacing faulty or defective components % of electronics repair resumes... Acquired so far as a line maintainer while simultaneously performing avionics/electronics tasks and repairs electronic circuits and schematic and. And monitors avoid user error and assisted senior electrical Technician ( ET ) Certificate program provides flexible, training. Proficient in quality assurance procedures, and measurement and diagnostic equipment for coin-operated machines to repair analog and digital meters! Component de-soldering equipment components or parts, using hand tools emission standards by adjusting, aligning, repairing, hazardous! Solder equipment, computers, in addition to 24-hour repair ISO OEF technical to.

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