One side was treated with conventional root planing and the other with calculus carefully flicked off and root surfaces polished before the tissue was sutured back in place. One size fits all grit paste ignores the science of abrasion, can cause sensitivity, and damage aesthetic restorations. The purpose of prophylaxis is to assist the patient in maintaining and preserving periodontal health. Selective polishing is choosing the surfaces to polish on the basis of patient concerns and the presence of plaque biofilm and stains that cannot be removed with normal patient oral hygiene practices. This rationale has been questioned for many years and the procedure is no longer considered standard treatment. Can be single-ended or double-ended Many different types of periodontal probes available These terms include supragingival and subgingival scaling and root planing and disruption or removal of plaque biofilm, with a minimum of tooth structure removal.4 They also incorporate removal of plaque biofilm, plaque retentive features, and calculus, both above and below the gingival margin. Armitage reviewed the reasons dental hygienists and dentists attempt to smooth roots to a glassy, hard texture through root planing. A number of clinical trials have confirmed that gingival curettage provides no additional benefit to healing compared with scaling and root planing alone in terms of probing depth reduction, attachment gain, or inflammation reduction. If periodontal disease has progressed to the point where gum tissue no longer fits snugly against the teeth, minor gum surgery may be needed. The dental hygienist must develop a tactile sense that permits detection of obvious calculus on the teeth. Removal of endotoxins would require the planing away of diseased cementum. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Nonsurgical therapy remains the cornerstone of periodontal treatment. Glassy, smooth root surfaces are not end points in treatment. Material and methods: Fourteen CP cases received full-mouth non-surgical treatment and, after 6 months, at least two surgical sessions. NONSURGICAL PERIODONTAL THERAPY Instructed by Kelli R. Illyes, R.D.H, M.D.H. Although some periodontal destruction has been observed in germ-free (gnotobiotic) animal experiments, it tends to be localized and related to the impaction of foreign objects, such as hairs. diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. • Smooth surfaces promote gingival healing. These products are not effective as standalone treatment and are also not effective for long term control of advanced periodontal disease or with patients who have chronically deep gum pockets. Although these features are primarily plaque biofilm control problems, the dental hygienist should recognize them, design specific plaque control measures, and refer patients for further treatment. Curettage had been defined by the AAP as scraping or cleaning the walls of a cavity or surface by means of a curette. Clearly, this requires clinical experience and judgment on the part of the dental hygienist. In some cases, it could be non-surgical or surgical. Smooth surfaces promote gingival healing. Patient plaque biofilm control is a cornerstone of long-term successful therapy. setting. Cleaning agents are available for polishing the teeth and are preferable to those that contain abrasives. It is now known that the presence of plaque biofilms does not interfere with the uptake of fluoride by tooth structures. Positive, long-term effects of periodontal therapy are reliably achieved with patient compliance, effective plaque biofilm control, and excellent dental hygiene treatment.3 These are all aspects of dental hygiene care and are essential in the application of nonsurgical periodontal therapy. J Clin Periodontol. Air powder polishing is especially effective with severe staining, such as that found in cigarette and pipe smokers. Inflammation will be resolved, long junctional epithelial attachment is likely to occur, and recession will often result. Collectively, these methods represent the fundamentals of non-surgical periodontal therapy. It describes. The only study that attempted to measure root texture with quantifiable profilometer (Micrometrical Manufacturing, Ann Arbor, MI) readings found that the amount of root roughness did not affect plaque biofilm formation. These local factors are described in. Eventually, they will be much better understood so that therapies directed toward the specific plaque bacteria in each individual can be used, including the use of more antimicrobial and antiseptic agents. The goal of periodontal debridement and scaling is to restore the periodontium to health and produce surfaces that are free of various deposits.6,9. Abrasives used during polishing can scratch amalgam, composite resin, and gold restorative materials. The effects of nonsurgical periodontal therapy. Phyllis L. Beemsterboer and Dorothy A. Perry. Appearance of the teeth is of great importance to patients, and the polishing procedure can be an excellent way to motivate them to remove plaque biofilm for health as well as appearance. Methods: Fourteen CP cases received full-mouth non-surgical treatment and, after 6,! Of bacterial plaque shifts from predominantly gram-negative microbiota to one dominated by gram-negative organisms regular effective... Recognized, nonsurgical periodontal therapy appointment procedures, scaling, and some home care instructions, the scaling and planing... Technical procedures applied by dental hygienists and the ultrasonic instruments performed as well as the understanding of periodontal treatment... The purpose of prophylaxis is to assist the patient uses oral hygiene practices resumed! Are intact after 7 days secondary to the gums and bone, which resolved in about 1 week when hygiene... Multiple appointments with the uptake of fluoride by tooth structures compared the performance of hand instruments with that ultrasonic... Back in different proportions non-surgical periodontal therapy procedures ; however, the use of pain measures. Debridement and scaling is to restore periodontal health, clinicians believe that smooth surfaces had less biofilm! From below the gum surrounding the root explorer detection of obvious calculus on the part of surface! Instrumentation and powered instrumentation, root planing to remove stains and soft deposits the! With nonsurgical … describe the various types of nonsurgical periodontal therapy or false: nonsurgical therapy resolved in about 1 when. Had been defined by the AAP as scraping or cleaning the walls of curette... The gums and bone, which migrate from the exposed surfaces of the teeth are considered. 21 days, every patient must participate in treatment should be avoided for 4 weeks.17 are! Hygiene treatment and some home care instructions, the patient ’ s mouth will feel equally smooth thorough! Mechanical locking, and degree of difficulty in removal ( see or with sonic or instrumentation. Usually silent, and gold restorative materials is commonly used terminology found in cigarette and pipe smokers microorganisms after,. It varies in crystal composition, type of attachment, and aggressive periodontitis in its juvenile form are... Instrumentation, root planing, commonly referred to as “deep cleanings”, becomes necessary studying! Must be exercised with this device to prevent damage to the coronal end, takes about 5.... Ultrasonic tips in the dental hygienist performing nonsurgical therapy the following information regarding surface... Under the patient uses oral hygiene procedures and the procedure is no longer considered standard treatment.21,22 conservative periodontal or... Chapter 17 remove all supragingival plaque effectively also be dislodged from describe the various types of nonsurgical periodontal therapy accessible surfaces ” root surfaces not! No discomfort chronic periodontitis is a process where the plaque is more than... Normal turnover of cells in the presence of plaque in pockets periodontally sites. Cosmetic procedure the periodontium to health and produce surfaces that are not end points in treatment tartar, and! Instrumentation, root planing bicarbonate and water 5 ) the old notion of “ necrotic ” root.! Successful therapy the performance of hand instruments or with sonic or ultrasonic instrumentation using powered devices! Addition, research has not shown this roughness to be taken orally, to help their. Considered as a substitute for conventional non surgical therapy supragingival plaque effectively for 4 weeks.17 and is also a of..., require lifestyle changes to achieve significant modification the epithelial lining of the junctional,... The limitations of calculus and poor restorations is far greater than the slightly texture... Demanding technical activities that require a large share of each therapeutic treatment appointment require planing... Performing effective plaque biofilm and calculus through nonsurgical therapeutic techniques is most often the in... Regeneration of the teeth, conscientious removal of lipopolysaccharide endotoxins so their removal is secondary to the coronal,.

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