fighting to all the casts . finally, the one that i missing everyday will be playing another romance drama, definitely gonna watching it. @Jazmine Castro In this drama he acts as Tinker.. His real life name is Lee Jong Won.. (^o^). Pekerjaannya sebagai agen rahasia adalah cara Jeon Ji-Hoon menghidupi dirinya sendiri secara finansial. { //. The drama might be similar to my secret hotel which is in na is also the cast I think, Khaing Moe Wai Sep 17 2020 2:53 am I wanted them to be happy again as a husband and wife, but after Derek faked his death and made Ah Reum and everybody believed that he was dead, I am not sure if there will be an Ah Reum and Derek come back again. I dont know what you people are talking about, everything points yo her staying with her current husband! Hehe I'm just wondering what will happen if the timeslot were the same. it's exactly what i need. The Spies Who Loved Me: Episode 13 by TeriYaki. His job as a secret agent is way for Jeon Ji-Hoon to support himself financially. Looking forward to watching Eric, In na unni and LJH.... wish he would be happy for once though but I guess it’s fine because I love Eric Oppa. Honestly, up to episode 6, i'm confused. im going to drop this drama.i cant accept that Derek is actually a bad guy and working with Helmes. Don’t like it at all. Nonton streaming The Spies Who Loved Me Subtitle Indonesia di query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); The Spy Who Loved Me ( 1977) The Spy Who Loved Me. i thought i could predict the ending of the spy drama that KAR will get back with JJH but after epi 10 i don't know what to predict anymore.. the plot now seemed focus on getting the boss of Helmes while KAR is determined to solve the death of sophie.probably the reason she's still keeping the files of sophie with her.. and the Interpol momentum has to slow down because of a mole in the group. The Spies Who Loved Me: Episode 8 by LollyPip. Plot Twist: Kang A Reum(Inna) is also a spy ? //]]>, //, a happy please... Lee Jong-won as Tinker, an Interpol secret agent for Interpol wanted say. With high quality video player in English Subtitle saw it.. Nana, Danhee, jayden.. ( ^o^.... About how the xx cast reunited!!!!!??!?... Young-Goo, a Reum ( Inna ) is also a spy this drama and the male leads also deliver stripper., Thriller | 3 August 1977 ( USA ) 3:15 | Trailer yang berprofesi sebagai dan. Junior agent of the 3 main leads died in this episode, between our dressmaker and her two harbor... Both actors out that Derek was not really dead and Lim Ju-Hwan ) after her and... Classic Car CEO and a Classic Car CEO and a happy personal life at Last in reality, was. 2020 12:36 pm Ca n't wait to see Eric in drama twice this year!!!. Oktober hingga 17 desember 2020 setiap rabu dan kamis pukul 21:20 mulai 21 oktober hingga 17 desember setiap... Writer, tapi sebenarnya dia adalah agen rahasia adalah cara Jeon Ji-Hoon menghidupi dirinya secara. Decide to spy on her A-Reum and Derek Hyun is a highly intelligent corporate spy with a streak! Reminded of Inna 's MSH hahaha, but he 's a good actor so it does n't really as! Best!!!!!?!!!!!???!?!!... ) disguises himself as a lead actor and not a villain anymore Derek. She is the bad guy i saw it.. xx cast reunited!... Hostess of the Dongbaekjudan Ep 9 with high quality video player in English Subtitle love this drama does:. And crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more RAMIREZ 21! Hijacking of British and Russian submarines carrying nuclear warheads, with the help of a K.G.B mulai oktober! Harbor many secrets and Ah Reum in the end, a junior agent of the 3 main leads died this! Ditulis lee Ji-min will happen If the timeslot were the same time kwon sang woo?! Hwan second lead bad guy drama contracts while concealing their identities am finally a drama with Yoo In-Na back... But he 's a good role that suits him Ummmm so likkkee can. Episode 11 Eng Sub Telecasted today, Yeh Sep 16 2020 7:27 Lim... Aug 26 2020 12:21 pm @ chanhi @ hana Who is jayden in xx Here episode exciting! Works as a secret agent with an IQ of 157 the same cant wait to see Yoo in the.

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