incredibly powerful but actually isn’t. Unfortunately, Slipstream’s X-career was short-lived thanks to one fatal flaw in his powers. Armed with “super” everything and a nifty healing factor, he makes a good foot soldier but he isn’t a heavy hitter, even though he certainly looks like one. Appearance wise, Spiral is kind of scary -- she looks like a vengeful god. Her wolf form is scary, with its sharp claws and fangs, huge physical build, and furry coat. These mutants don't have a chance at living a regular life because their mutation gives them an inhuman appearance and their abilities are somewhat useless. The thing is, his feral appearance puts him above what he’s actually capable of. Of course, just by looking at him, that probably wouldn’t be your first guess. The juxtaposition between Beast’s smarts and looks is a common topic in the comics. Beta Level mutants are pretty powerful beings, but they are minorly hampered by an aspect of their mutation in a fairly minor fashion- think Alpha level powers with a drawback. As the term suggests, Omega mutants are Marvel's most powerful class of mutants. But the difference between them is that the Beta`s have flaws, albeit very small. History Talk (3) Alpha mutants have extremely powerful mutant traits. 0. Some examples of Beta mutants are Beast, Wolverine, Mystique and Sabretooth. A great example (if you can call it that) is Pete Wisdom, a mutant with the ability to collect ambient heat and release it in the form of tiny, sharp knives. He has the most powerful brain in all… Angel’s Archangel form, with its metal wings and blue skin, is pretty scary but once again, it isn’t all that powerful. The reason Gambit has become a popular character is because he’s the quintessential “cool guy.” The trench coat, the red eyes, and the long hair make for a weirdly magnetic character. If you think we’re crazy for adding him to this list, you might be right. The term was first... ALPHA LEVEL MUTANTS. After developing his mutant ability to create teleportation portals, Slipstream got a red X-Treme X-Men uniform that was surprisingly slick. Close. Comic readers get a lot of information on characters visually, though sometimes that information doesn’t really match up to the writer’s true intention. Any survivors will then prowl the area and defend it against outside aggressors, adding a race-specific value to the settlement's defense rating without takin… Like all the strong arm mutants, Warpath is impressively muscular and carries with him a pair of vibranium knives. Northstar isn’t a rock giant or a lion man, but he does have a really cool suit, glowing eyes, and some sick elf ears, which is why he made our list. Gammas can be brought down in a variety of ways and overall are not considered a threat, except to the unaware. Even without knowing what her mutant ability is, most viewers and readers just assume she’s powerful. After developing his mutant ability to create teleportation portals, Slipstream got a red, uniform that was surprisingly slick. Prism and Surf were Beta-level mutants. The Beta mutants are also believed to be about 10% of the mutant population. Mutants classify as Beta Level if they have a normal human appearance (or close to it) and their mutation is powerful, useful, but less controllable, like Cyclops who can't willingly turn off his optic blasts, but can still lead a normal life with only minor preparation … A lot of the characters on our list have mutant abilities that relate to physical strength. He’s got a much sleeker look than Gambit, but fundamentally, they’re both fairly weak mutants. … Because Sarah Rushman, aka Marrow, grows bones outside of her body. While we definitely believe Surge has the potential to be a powerful mutant, she hasn’t had too many opportunities to show off her skills. Namor has taken out super-strong powerhouses like Luke Cage, the Thing and She-Hulk without too much trouble. Beta Level Mutant. Although throwing flaming cards looks nice on the page, it isn’t that helpful in battle. Seeking Beta Testers for a Mutants and Masterminds Character Sheet. In reality, Rockslide is a low to medium threat at best. Naturally, the truth is the opposite. 28 … Epsilon Level Mutants Edit. She’s got some cool powers, but she’s no god. He wasn’t in a lot of issues and the issues he was in were pretty bad. Separate, each twin is still capable of some impressive feats, although they always work best when together. The metal mutant giant has one of the fiercest physical appearances in X-Men comics, yet, compared to his tiny blonde sister, he’s surprisingly delicate. While that sounds all fine and dandy, most fans forget about one little thing: pain. The claws, sharp teeth, and beady, animalistic eyes make him way scarier appearance wise than Wolverine, which is a real accomplishment. Add some face paint and a wicked uniform and you have a superhero who looks cooler than he actually is. 13. One of their most obvious ploys was the character Dazzler who acted as the comic manifestation of the disco craze. Surge is one of the newer X-Men characters on the list, though her mutant ability isn’t especially unique. 20 SHATTERSTAR. Undoubtedly a great warrior, X-Men member Warpath could never win a fight against someone with mental mutant capabilities. The techno-organic virus that claimed his arm years ago requires constant psychic concentration to keep from spreading, which means his attacks are never as powerful as they could be. Yes, he could create portals to anyone on Earth, but he had to surf through them. While Archangel’s hypersonic scream and poisonous feathers are nice party tricks, they won’t be winning him too many serious battles. Rockslide is exactly what his name suggests: a giant rock. I have heard that the difference between Beta & Alpha Mutants is that the Betas can’t control their mutation. This list wouldn’t include Alpha level mutants who were later classified as Omega level mutants, like Professor X, Jean Grey, Legion and Emma Frost. Im DC terms, he looks like Superman but is actually a third incarnation Green Lantern. Him and his equally forgettable sister, Lifeguard, never had a large impact on the X-Men world, but they honestly looked pretty cool. A great example (if you can call it that) is Pete Wisdom, a mutant with the ability to collect ambient heat and release it in the form of tiny, sharp knives. Huge, blue, and covered in fur, Hank McCoy doesn’t exactly look like the world-renowned biochemist that he actually is. A drastic uniform change can cause sales to plummet in the comics industry, where artistic talent matters just as much as writing. It doesn’t matter whether she’s on page or on-screen, that mutant ability always looks insane. Because readers see Beast so often (as one of the founding X-Men members, he’s an on-page regular) they can sometimes forget just how jarring his appearance is. Rahne Sinclair, aka Wolfsbane, is a mutant with the ability to transform into a wolf at will. But, Colossus also has some serious weaknesses. The thing is, Cable is almost. Although his gladiator gear is dated, it clearly shows a character who knows how to fight. Of course, just by looking at him, that probably wouldn’t be your first guess.Â, Cable is an Omega level mutant. The X-Men Universe is filled with mutants that pack a punch, but some actually look more powerful than they really are. As a Mojoverse gladiator, Shatterstar does have some pretty cool weapons, including a sword that has the ability to split into two. Birdy an " Alpha-Class Psi Talent ", Professor X a " Telepath. Her main mutant ability is her mystical powers, which allow her to cast spells using various dances. Wolverine is considered a Beta level Mutant. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that his origin story, physical appearance, and power set all border on a little over the top. Category:Beta-Level Mutant; Bobby Drake; C Cain Marko; Charles Xavier; D David Xavier; E Emma Frost; Erik Lehnsherr; F Fred Dukes; G Category:Gamma-Level Mutant; H Hank McCoy; I Irene Adler; J Jason Wyngarde; Jean Grey; K Kevin Sidney; Kevin Xavier; L Logan; Lorna Lehnsherr; M Martin Toynbee; P Pietro Lehnsherr; R This might be because Spiral isn’t popular at the moment, even though she’s a surprisingly interesting and complex character. We know a lot of fans aren’t going to be happy about this one, but X-Men veteran Colossus had to make an appearance on this list. They know she has six arms and bluish skin, but beyond that things get a little foggy. As ridiculous as Kylun sounds, he does look ferocious on the page. Any released creature under the influence of an active emitter will refrain from attacking the Sole Survivor, their companions, and any resident settlers, however they can still occasionally attack other tamed creatures that are not of their own species. She can use her magic to teleport, paralyze others, or turn invisible. Santo Vaccarro is a young mutant made completely out of inorganic granite. Quote from a discussion board: "Beta: Mutants whose powers work on a subconcious level i.e instant decription, technological understanding. He’s always in pain and his heart could give out at any second under the stress. Like Strong Guy, Colossus is capable of amazing feats of strength that go well beyond the realm of human capabilities. He goes toe-to-toe with everyone from Rogue to Jean Grey. The thing is, Cable is almost never at his strongest. Guido looks like your typical strong mutant, with huge muscles and an incredible seven foot height. You would assume he’d be a formidable foe, but in reality, he’s just a guy with a ton of poorly explained mutant powers and no clue how to use them. A quick rule of thumb is a metahuman that can only affect one person at a time, only some of the time or with some other limitation is a Gamma.They are likely unskilled in the use of their powers or their powers are simply too weak to be a deterrent to the current level of technology. Those most powerful, whether they be telepaths, energy drainers or manipulators, and whatever else they can possibly do, are classified as Omega-level mutants. Before long, she became an X-Men regular. Some examples of Beta mutants are Cyclops and Wolverine. X-Men Mutant Classifications explained: All six classes Alpha Level. The difference between Beta Mutants and Alpha Mutants is that the Beta Mutants have flaws, albeit very small flaws. Beta wave emitters capable of pacifying normally hostile wasteland creatures and animals captured in cages. Colossus may look more powerful than some of the X-Men’s slighter and less shiny members, but that doesn’t mean someone with telekinesis couldn’t crush him like a tin can. So, why did director Tim Miller decide to give this B-rated comic character a brief shot in his movie? His useless mutant ability is paired with an undoubtedly feline form that challenges Beast in terms of catty qualities. Some examples of Beta mutants are Cyclops and Wolverine. Out of all of the New Mutants, Rahne is probably the scariest, but the fear she instills in her attackers isn’t always warranted. If you think we’re crazy for adding him to this list, you might be right. But, even though she’s frequently on the team, everyone knows Dazzler isn’t exactly on the same level as most of the X-Men. Or, at least not someone you would think you would want to mess with. Edit. Rockslide can manipulate the rocks that make up his body, which means he can make himself any size or shape. In comics, appearances matter. It just happens. A drastic uniform change can cause sales to plummet in the comics industry, where artistic talent matters just as much as writing. Not only does that sound like someone else we know, it’s also really unpractical. The famous mutant first appeared in comics alongside his twin sister, who shared the same light-related powers as him. Omega-level mutants. Ordinarily, mutants with dangerous abilities have built-in safeguards to protect them from their own abilities. As far as how potent their powers are Beta Mutants are on the same level as Alpha-level mutants. X-Men: Destiny walkthrough. In the mainstream Marvel 616 continuity they mostly only use the Omega class to describe the very powerful Mutants. Whatever the case, CBR is counting down 20 of these mutants who just don’t live up to our expectations. Like her father, Lady Mastermind can generate telepathic illusions in the minds of people around her. However, there is still a basal level of resistance in the mutants to certain penicillins, and the susceptibilities of the mutants to some cephalosporin-based beta-lactams are essentially the same as those of the wild types. A rock man the size of a truck isn’t someone you want to mess with. Marvel creators liked Lady Mastermind’s outfit so much that they ended up giving a similar look to Emma Frost. Â. you would want to mess with. Beyond usually featuring the famous “X” logo in some capacity, these designs vary widely.

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