Are you interested? There’s more to the Para that we need to discuss, both good and bad. More than DOUBLE the price of the Colt National Match. My Wilson Stainless Protector came with a MIM mag release, which was just fine for three years until it inexplicably sheared in two during a range session. First I never buy ANYTHING on it let alone a firearm with a Taticool winged skulled & scary name and this pistol is a prime example of why ! I love my Para’s. I own over twenty different 1911 style guns which out of the box are good shooters, but to be excellent shooters require some work and some new parts, or reworked parts. While I like the sight picture, I prefer a squared-off sight, or one with a slight hook to it that I can use for one-handed operation of the slide. Para-Pack III | Trace Elements Hypo-Allergenic Multi-Vitamin with Minerals and Glandulars Formula* Multi-Vitamin, Mineral and Glandular Formula* Para-Pack is the original multi-nutrient formulation designed to provide highly specific nutritional support for the parasympathetic dominant individual. Don\’t get your knickers in a bunch over the apparent demise of Para-Ordnance. Cheers, JY, So from what I’m hearing, in quality aspects, Para is close to Taurus. It is the smoothest double action I have experienced, short of a custom trigger job on a revolver. When I began the second half of this review, I had a full 1911, and 99% of a second. Trending: Spyderco Para Military 2   I guess they assume that its cheaper to honor a lifetime warranty than make making them right the first time. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and Para 3 custom scales (US Flag) June 7, 2018. Talk about a freakin “Jam”. This pistol here is a Para Black Ops. This is a review, after all, so let’s review a gun already. I’ve owned 8 Paras over the years and unfortunately the problems described in this review are typical. It was a a WW2 US issue stamped on the receiver and in rough shape, but it shot good, real good. Sent mine back to the factory for repairs and it came back fixed with a test target. Did some upgrades but it is still a Para at heart. The Para 3 has a blade length of just about 3”, with a cutting edge of 2 5/8”, an overall length of 7 1/8”, and a weight of 3.37 oz. Eats any ammo I run, has never jammed, and is very very accurate. After finding out the true intentions of the deal maker… maybe i should have. When I was in the process of converting this pistol to a 6 in slide and barrel I had a conversation with Irv Stone of Barsto while ordering the new barrel and mentioned the link problem, hoping for a solution. No one has or carries 10-round, P-10 mags anymore – J bought the last 8 P-10 mags that SARCO in Pennsylvania had a week ago. You must be living in Kommifornia or Chicago. It’s called murder. Runs very well. Now for those who do not like Paras here is my thoughts. I am sorry but I can not join in singing the glory of Para!! In addition, I was impressed by their LDA trigger and bought a Carry 9 for the trigger alone. Right out The way I see it, even if I have to put some money into it, I will have a nice .45 for a cheap price. Last(?) To keep the Para 3 slim and pocket friendly, it features a lightweight, open-backed construction style and its stainless steel liners are nested into machined recesses in the textured G-10 scales. I used to have a Light Double Action (LDA) Tac-Four (.45) with double stack magazine. See what happens. But first, please take a few moments to sign up as a member of our EDC community below. Your just a pig on a farm a peasant in a field or a slave on a wall. We’re glad you dig this post! It’s a shame it one of my most accurate best shooting good looking gun that will always live in the safe. Pick up a Para. slide and frame. RELATED: Para USA P14-45 | Gun Review. If you own a company that is doing well please don’t sell it to these guys . The Para has a nice ramped barrel with a full profile. If it’s as good as my eleven year old Para, YankeeBill, you will never let it go. But these are also the most expensive to produce. Refinished the gun for the guy I sold it to and bought the first Para Carry I LOVE! Para sent me a replacement, but I installed a Wilson Combat extractor instead. Well, guess I will have a collector gun now. When purchased Para was running a special that with every Para purchased you would receive 2 additional magazines along with a caring case and cleaning kit. I have 2 of the new P-14 Black OPS 5.5″ threaded match bbl with high sights for a suppressor and I must say they run and run and run with anything I feed them! Maybe I am making a mistake in my handling or not I do not know. Threaded barrels and suppressor height sights. It came with one 10 round mag. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. He then had me take a few measurements of my frame and custom fitted the new barrel at no extra charge. Fixed the problem my self by filing mag well length allowing mag to reach catch. When the new safety arrived, it was attached to a whole new pistol. My slide was stuck, literally, and the ambidextrous safety didn’t move with the primary side. Next post: Have You Joined the ‘Fight the Noise’ Movement? I started leaving my thumb on the safety long ago because it seemed I had a more solid grip on the gun.. for me it is now a habit (There are some schools of thought that encourage this I am not sure either way it is just the way I started doing it long ago.) It is rare. protect our freedom like it was done hundreds of years ago, but we have to be diligent in what we say and how we say say it. Trijicon sight? Really? The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is one of the best designed production or custom knives of the past 20 years. The rear of the notch oeened out to where the slide would no longer lock open after the last round was fired. Related Tags: The Para name will disappear. I am surprised by the super positive review/article on Para. : If you have a backhoe…you don’t need to call the cops. It is way past time for Para to swirl down the drain. Gus, I have a old Kimber Stainless custom that over the years shot flawlessly and accurately. Wow, My customized LTC was stolen in Fife, Washington by the Gun Show Bandit, but you can read about this weasel on your own. 3 Para hasn't got the length of history of some regiments but is regarded by its members as the toughest regiment anywhere. My favorite by far, is a P.12 that I have carried for 20+ years. (one of the best out of the box slide to frame fit 1911’s I’ve seen!) And 1911s more so, as most companies pick up a lot of parts from a wide variety of manufacturers and cobble them together into something that works. The company absolutely sucks…. It hits below the magic EDC number of 3” that lets it fall under most knife laws. I LOVE this pistol. Peeing took place at the frame’s slide-stop locking notch. The weapon was cycling properly but it wouldn’t always fire when I pressed the trigger. This is a review, after all, so let’s review a gun already. I’ve known several professional shooters who run Paras. I have countless rounds through it. This reduces the handle thickness and provides excellent structural support for the knife’s patented Compression Lock®. This is the only issue I’ve experienced in all the time I’ve owned and used them. Too bad, cause I really wanted to get behind them, but could not overlook their attitude and uncompromising disservice. competition weekly. Love ’em all!! It only takes a spit second to pull the slide back. Their customer service was horrible, and on the 2 occasions I have had to deal with them on behalf of a client (with 2 different representatives), they were rude, arrogant, uncompromising and disrespectful. It's now much shorter at 4.29” long, but still retains its ergonomic shape for a full grip. The Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 is a mid-sized EDC (slightly on the larger end) measuring around 8.3 inches in total. All I chanegd on it was the magazine release – the plastic part failed early so I replaced it with a steel one – and put on a rubber grip. I don`t know if I am one of the lucky few or QC was much better back then. I replaced the mags with McCormick and Wilson 8 rounders and have had zero issues with the gun in over 2000 rounds so far. I carry it everyday using an in-waist holster made by Parker. so i will keep my para if Made in Canada it will be marked under frame front of triger guard and i will say thats were the collecting ones will be MADE IN CANADA proud to be Canadian . They shoot very well out of the box, take a lot of uses. I was shocked that Q.C. Nothing will delay a review like a gun that won’t work. I’d probably want to incorporate a beveled mag well extension. Stay in the house and call the cops? The gun works flawlessly. Maybe Remington can turn them around but they should concentrate on producing a good rifle first. Since this was my carry weapon I felt that was entirely unacceptable and sold it. According to him the Company changed the manual and added a line that said, to point the firearm in a safe direction when taking it off SAFE. As for Taurus, again, maybe I bought the only good one they made. I have absolutely no idea of how many rounds I out through it. Parts milled from forgings are almost always the strongest—even when that strength is overkill. The trigger on the Para is solid. Is the Spyderco Tenacious Worth It in 2019? Can’t go wrong with any wilson combat parts that’s for sure. Para has always seemed to be hit and miss on quality little parts and your review confirmed that. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Or when I drop it? I would think you mentioned problem one while addressing problem two and Para wanted to correct everything by sending another sample. The first gun sent by Para had a flaw in the safety, which broke off. Same with Kimber. 84: ‘Diabetes or Tapeworms’, Beaver Tail Grip & Ambidextrous Thumb Safety. First impressions. The ambidextrous thumb safety and fat beaver-tail safety are both common features on these types of guns. and Para 3-10). The handguns are excellent and accurate. Its no The company grew slowly and specialized in 1911s. The era of polymer framed double-actions was just ramping up. In 2010, a group of us purchased a USMC Para SF-45-A commemorating our deployment in AFG. Before I’d even gotten a chance to take it apart, I had a couple of hiccups. I didn’t send it to the factory because I don’t believe the I should have to forego having the pistol for a period of time because the manufacturer didn’t make sure the gun ran correctly to begin with. thats it, and also reload and when i do i get the most accuracy right in the middle of suggestion load and max load like win 231 powder 5.0 grains then max 6.2 then i use 5.5 grains with 124 g bullet and that is the best i ever had but thats for 38 supper ssp great!!! Thankfully still lots of 1911 choices. Snap. In the mid-1980s, the American military kicked the old Browning design to the curb. It fits my average sized hands perfect and the accuracy can not be better. The Spyderco Para3 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review And yes, I also own a Kimber Pro-Carry II (another superb shooter) but my Para Expert Carry .45 is just as good with its shorter slide. Para, by all accounts, is a kick-ass brand. It has a silky trigger, and prints great with the best of them. The other textures on the Black Ops are sufficient. It keeps the textured G-10 material and pairs it with a slight curve along the top for even better handling. I have carried my Para 13 for about twenty years. All pattern edits are continuously saved, and all patterns output MIDI note/timing … Or I’d beat the hell out of it and make sure there were no unseen structural flaws. I for one will not miss this company. I had a single stack Para which I was not impress with, but the Para 14 is hard to beat, I guess I got lucky. Pricks. I’ve owned four Paras and am lucky as I’ve never had a problem with any of them; single-stack, double-stacks, straight 1911s, P10, commander style, etc. And as for everyone else that reads this review, this is only one persons point of view on only one handgun. PRE-BLK FRI. DEALS: BENCHMADE, SPYDERCO, WE, BUCK, ZT, KIZER & MORE! Mr. Stone replied that Para had a habit of drilling the slide stop hole in the frame in the wrong location. Just purchased a p14 used was skeptical after mixed reviews, I am glade I made the purchase gun runs like a sewing machine, hollow point round nose not a single issue running factory USA made mags.Love my new gun, I am now a proud owner of a Para like yourself I will continue to pass the word and range reviews. The book I read to research this post was 3 Para by Patrick Bishop which is a very good book which I bought from a car boot sale. The blade is the most drastic change the Para 3 has over its predecessor. Very little creep, a good reset, and a 4.5 pound break. Snags on any and every thing…the edge of a holster, your belt, a door frame, your shirt-tail. I’ve always felt a little guilt carrying a “Canadian” 1911, glad to see Para “become” AMERICAN . I hope it will come back with a new investor. You want more capacity? Sounds like a Kimber owner who only has 7 shots….. 100 % agreed. What am I thinking? I have owned 2; the first is a P-14 built from one of the early kits, which, after another $1,500 worth of gun smithing, now works fine. Both have run like clockwork since I fired the first round though them. Spyderco strikes that balance with the new Para 3. A quick pull back on the slide and it goes right in and that is my habit (a quick slap on the bottom of the magazine or push forward on the slide also usually works). When I went looking for a Para to review, I wanted something that would be ideal for everyday carry. Sorry to see competition diminished. Hi, could you post a picture of that broken “EGW HD” extractor? The most accurate handgun I own. Pray for new owners to start them up again right in the future. Also noticed that sometimes the full mags with fmj were not fully seated even after pushing them in pretty hard. A mother personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter's murder when they fail to catch the culprit. The parts aren’t so precious that they can’t be replaced, individually, by anyone with a modicum of common sense. That was fun for about two mags full. Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Para 3. I sent it back to the factory at least twice and finally just sold it! Next to EEA, you can’t beat the price. The only reason Para stayed in business for so long is that most customers don’t put a lot of rounds through their guns. Once all of the parts are working harmoniously, this is a nice tight gun that functions as it should–for the most part. I also have the double action companion. Guys who own other Paras said they’re surprised at the poor quality. I just received my $100.00 rebate for a final cost of $389.00, well worth it to me. To be sure it has had a few glitches and feed problems were at the top of the list. I am sorry to hear they are going away. I have never had an issue with any of them. I don’t feel the world is losing to much with the lose of para. If Taurus goes belly up will they be collector guns? I have to agree 100% with this comment Para and kimber are both over priced MIM filled Junkers for the money. VZ Grips makes the best G10 1911 grips on the market. If these video’s are correct about the flaw and the injuries with the number of rifles built one has to wonder why it was not addressed? Or ambitious entrepreneurs bring them back from the grave. I guess I got a good one, except for the first hiccup I should say. The company built its reputation on rock solid, no-frills 1911s. It appears now the only Black Ops 14.45s are made of unobtanium. Being bought by Remington who’s 1911’s are known for being among the cheaper line guns is no plus. Mechanical defects should not pop up. My position is that once you purchase a fiearm, put 100 rounds through it. Quantity . Para was a good idea but lacked in execution. I’ve had my Para P13 since ’96. It is smaller and narrower than the Para 2. A rifle trigger, even an out sourced replacement would not cost more than $20-30 in volume. Not at all, in many ways the Para is exceptional especially in the double action trigger, and accuracy, carry comfort on my ccw lda ie very nice.

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